History of Interior Design Company

History of interior design company Morri-Design began when it was founded on July 25th 2013 by Rio Damanik and Morine Rociana. They were supported by a team of qualified and experienced interior designers, architects and project managers. This energetic group has committed to completing each project to the high standards, while taking on the challenge of capturing its unique individuality.

Our expert team also works closely with our clients to fully understand their needs; a synergy that results in creating the most practical and efficient solutions. With our extensive experience and knowledge in materials and manufacturing techniques , we are able to provide our clients with everything that they aspire for, within their budget span.

history of interior design company of morri design com

About Morri Design

Morri Design is a prestigious and trusted company with a long list of completed projects. We offer extensive construction services for both interior and exteriors needs. With a very supportive and experienced team, we can assure you that all types of project requests will be handled profesionally with satisfying results. 

Head Office

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